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Kosem Sultan Episode 35 Urdu1 Full Drama Serial


Kosem Sultan Episode 35 Urdu1 Full Drama Serial

Kosem’s chambers and says mother you have sent Pr. Farya to the Uskudar castle, yet his greatness my sibling had needed her to remain here. Kosem advises her girl to get out and ‘don’t enter without consent again,she advises her hireling that the coins will go to the philanthropy and the gems will remain in her treasury. Simply then men burst in and the man says quiets down lady, I will opening that wonderful throat. The other one says Esther, Kosem Sultana’s top choice – there are a greater amount of these mid-sections? Esther says take whatever you need, however don’t execute me please. The man says don’t be apprehensive we won’t hurt you the length of you do what I say.

Esther relates what the man had said: Kosem Sultan didn’t keep the guarantee she gave us, she deceived us, played with us, a large portion of our friends were slaughtered on account of hers. Advise her that soon we might tie up Sultan Murad simply like we had done to his sibling Osman, and show him around the streets.Hezarfen gazes at a few ladies, he says they have to look at the Churches, Evliya jokes in the event that you were this eager to look at a few mosques, possibly God would pardon your transgressions and let you in paradise in the end.

Hez says like we are doing it for happiness, recall that we should discover more about Lorenzo in light of the fact that Sultan Murad – and afterward they see Murad running alongside Kemankes and Silahdar and Evliya says run Hezarfen.Sinan asks Farya for what valid reason she cleared out the royal residence seeing that these individuals continue attempting to execute her why did she leave the castle.. Farya says they showed up out of the blue as though they knew she would have been there. Sinan is going to odd her yet Murad enters and Murad inquires as to whether she is okay, she is injured. Farya expresses profound gratitude to Sinan Pasha he helped me.Seyhulislam says I cautioned Sultan Murad ordinarily however Yahya Efendi inspires him to commit a great many mistakes with his wrongful counsel. The child says that the renegades fear nobody now the Seyhulislam remarks that may God shield them from the inconvenience that Murad’s outrage brings and the child says it is important to play it safe before it is past the point of no return.

The Seyhulislam says the main power than can stop Murad is Kosem sultan.Beyazid what he and Murad were up to together outside. Beyazid says we strolled around when we got the news we isolated. Kosem asks what news and Beyazid answers I don’t have the foggiest idea, I returned here, with your authorization and he clears out. Kosem advises Halil to keep an eye out for Beyazid, as he is the revolt’s top pick. Halil says that he doesn’t question Beyazid and that he is faithful to Murad and won’t permit the radicals to utilize him . its not the fish but rather another container with ruined fish that dropped coincidentally. Haci slips one into his shirt and the cook keeps running off. Lalezar shouts what is going on, Haci says we were simply having a ton of fun. She says the fun is over , our Majesty is back and with Pr.

Farya in his arms. Haci says I said it, I advised her, the end would be bad…that Sultan Murad would get angry.ow would you be able to convey one under my assurance to my adversaries? Kosem says is that conceivable? How might you convey to your mind that I would be a piece of such a double-crossing? I just sent her to the royal residence in Uskudar. Murad says so is that why her way was cut off? Since they knew where she would pass,Kosem tells Murad, ‘who remain before you? I am your mom, Valide Kosem Sultan. No day, and unquestionably not today have I ever done anything against the state.  Murad obviously not, you think each choice you make is generally advantageous. She says how indignantly you take a gander at me…how you make me tragic to no end, sad…I don’t comprehend what I did to make you result in these present circumstances condition.I am not the person who conveyed Princess to those ruffians! Murad says okay.

Why did you send her to Uskudar, why did you conflict with my choice. She says I did my obligation as the Valide Sultana, the standards of the array of mistresses are self-evident – even the Padishah must regard them. Murad says then all things considered the standards have changed, the princess will stay in the royal residence! Also, you – you will bring whoever did this before me, generally the inconvenience will be on your neck. Kosem says Farya has taken your brain from you head.

Margaret says to Farya we knew Kosem sultan didn’t care for you yet not this much – to send you to your death..Farya says I don’t have the foggiest idea about, this is excessively, why might she isn’t that right? Margaret says on the grounds that she is likewise a mother, she will do anything to ensure her child. Murad arrives advises Farya not to get up and asks how she is. She says I am greatly improved because of you. I am dependably a major inconvenience on your head right? He says I’ve been observer to a wide range of inconvenience however this is the first occasion when I am seeing this kind.

She says I don’t have that stone that ensured me anymore.Kosem says I will make an inquiry and you will let me know reality. Did you advise (the adversary) about Princess Farya? She says never, what is it to me? Kosem says reality will turn out at some point or another. On the off chance that that is the situation, say it now, generally in what capacity will I secure and spare you? Ayse says excuse me, I basically needed to secure our – SLAP. Kosem says who are you Ayse WHO ARE YOU? How could you accomplish something like this?! Particularly after you knew the fault would be put on my shoulders.” Ayse shouts out, it didn’t enter my thoughts. Kosem says Hand her over to our Hunkar! Ayse says no, kindly don’t hand me over. On the off chance that Murad hears he won’t give me a chance to live. It would be ideal if you notwithstanding me, show kindness toward my children…on my Ahmet. Kosem says you ought to have thought about that before you did this.Now I don’t realize what she is doing or where she is. All I know, is she needs me and sits tight for me.

Murad says let me know where she is that is all – one of my Pashas and will ensure she is in a sheltered place until the matter is settled. Farya says check whether I were to be the leader of that (the pasha and his men) then –  Murad says my choice won’t change Farya…I wont give you an armed force. Farya says genuine, your troopers won’t take orders from a woman….Alright, I will state it (where my mom is). Ideally they get to her on time.Atike tells Gev that individuals say Farya is a state matter, yet it’s more than that (Murad likes her). Atike gets her sister taking some solid resting medication and says that is not a cure, everything it does is put you to rest! Gev says don’t you understand…I can’t hold up under it, I am in agony. I can’t proceed with life as though nothing happened.

Atike says you will. When I was a child I was in amazement of you. Your magnificence enchanted everybody. So much that every one of our subjects resembled moths vacillating about you. I won’t lie, I was desirous of you. You were so lovely I needed to resemble you when I was grown up. Gev says and you have…I ask your destiny is more excellent than mine. Atike says don’t talk as though everything is over.Keman says she is not content with my nearness, but rather I’m taking care of it. Silah says be cautious in any case, being near Kosem is hard, her energy throws its enchantment over individuals, takes them under impact. Kemankes says don’t mistake me for others, I don’t get under anybody’s impact. Silahdar says I thought I would simply caution you. Starting now and into the foreseeable future whatever you hear and discover, you will come let me know first. Kemankes says Silahdar I get my requests straight from our Hunkar and I just response to him. Kemankes is informed that Kosem has requested for her carriage.when he heard she was sick he permitted her to come back to the royal residence. Sinan says ideally Kosem sultan doesn’t know or she would avert it.

Beyazid says I wouldn’t advise her, however at any rate, our glory has permitted it. At that point he says that is not disturbing me at this moment, what is – a few days ago he flung a blessed man off the jail walls…Lorenzo was his name a deceiver, an individual from the Jerusalem Hospitaller, he was there for cross examination. Sinan says did he talk? Before Beyazid can answer Sinan is informed that Murad wishes to see him.Gevherhan advises her hireling to be watchful as the climate is icy. The hireling says Atike has requested that you come as well. Selim says you come too so I am not anxious. She says what dread is this? He says let us go to our royal residence? She says don’t fear, don’t be bashful, this is your royal residence as well. Nobody can hurt you here, your veins have my blood. She says I will run with my child as well. He needs to see the steeds, however the worker says another today.

Farya says Sultan Murad shocks me constantly. It is difficult to recognize what the thinks and feels. Margaret says yet I don’t know that it was so appropriate to let him know where your mom was. Farya says I believe him. Margaret says what in regards to people around him? Did you overlook yesterday? Farya says do I have some other decision?  He won’t give me an armed force, won’t give me a chance to clear out.

Atike says when will we begin our lessons? Farya says at whatever point you wish. Gev asks what lessons, Atike says swordsmanship, she is great at it, even men can’t stay aware of her, she will show me how to battle. Gevherhan advises her our mom doesn’t care for this stuff, you realize that. Ayse says what does a lady need to do with swords and battling – obviously unless she was prepared for mystery doings. Farya answers saying everybody knows why I am here, it isn’t a mystery. Silahdar arrives and says Murad is requesting Ayse. Gevherhan all of a sudden understands her child is missing.Murad says who is doing that? Your child? My Ahmet is doing that? Ayse asks, please pardon me, I did it for you, I did every last bit of it for you, I did it to secure you, that lady is a killer and deceiver.

Murad says get up! The genuine double crosser is the person who conflicts with my will, works with the foes, you have sold out me Ayse. You have sold out me! You will pay for this.She says I was carrying on a lie for a considerable length of time, Pasha was tricking me simply like he was tricking every other person. I denounced and hurt everybody for reasons unknown, you as well. tune in, I have fouled up to you – and you had no blame. I think I needed to take out my outrage on somebody, and that individual was you. Silahdar says it is genuine I was sad…but not for myself, I was pitiful for you, since you didn’t merit that. Atike arrives and asks what they are doing there and where Selim is. Gevherhan says I sent him to,so many things appears in this episode.