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Kosem Sultan Episode 24 today 1 December 2016 Full


Kosem Sultan Episode 24 today 1 December 2016 Video Dailymotion

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Ahmet supplicates in his Mosque. He says my God, I thank you a huge number of times for all that you have gave to this unassuming worker of yours. I have accepted and acknowledged that in the event that you say be, we are, whether you say bite the dust, we kick the bucket. My Allah, passing is a reflect, in the event that you are of confidence, on the off chance that you are sweet, that is the means by which your demise will be. On the off chance that you are underhanded, your passing will be awful. On the off chance that you are Yusuf, and wonderful, your passing will be excellent. On the off chance that you are terrible, the reflect will demonstrate to you your offensiveness. Gracious my Allah, make me lovely like your Yusuf, excuse my transgressions, make my passing effortless.

I have a place with you, and I anticipate to come back to you. In the event that this ailment takes me to you, then I am ready. You taking my life,Safiye speedily plans to set out and spare Iskender. She trusts she is not late. In the interim, Humashah advises her workers to go to the ports and prepare a ship, holding up, and set to go immediately and that Zulfikar is not to get some answers concerning it. They leave and Zulfi enters.

He says you remained with your mom the previous evening? She says what did you anticipate? Did you think we would proceed as though nothing happened? I am losing my sibling as a result of you. Zulfi says don’t stress nothing will happen to him.Kosem advises Ahmet he needs to eat and drink legitimately. Ahmet says don’t stress whatever you say? Likewise where is Iskender? Aghas! Call Iskender! Kosem advises the aghas to allow them to sit unbothered. She then tells Ahmet that she officially sent the royal residence gatekeepers to get Iskender…Ahmet says what does this mean, did he accomplish something incorrectly? Kosem says Ahmet,Safiye tells Iskender that Kosem has discovered he about his identity.

Iskender says goodness that is the reason she came here. Safiye says how, she came here? Iskender says yes, the previous evening she came here approaching me to approach Ahmet for consent and leave the Capitol. Safiye says this is a diversion and that they can’t remain here any more. Iskender says yet where would I be able to go? She says I have considered everything. We will go to the port, Humashah has a ship set we up, will send you some place nobody can discover you. Hustle just a bit, we don’t have much time,Halime reproves her worker for not being cautious with Mustafa’s prescription. Menekshe reacts that it is hard he doesn’t take it. Osman is reported.

Halime invites him and miracles why he is there.Osman tells Halime that when they were strolling together, Mustafa tossed gold into the fish bowl and when he asked him for what good reason he did that, he said I am sustaining the fish. Osman says it appears his condition is awful. Dilruba reproves him saying what did you anticipate? He was stuck for quite a long time in that pen, dreading being executed. Halime asks Osman not to talk about – Osman rapidly says don’t stress, I haven’t told anybody and I won’t state anything to anybody.

I essentially feel awful for him, we have to do something.Halime is with her child and asks him for what valid reason he doesn’t take his pharmaceutical. He says he does. She lets him know how Osman went to her and enlightened her regarding the fish episode. She says don’t you see you make me pitiful, why are you doing this? He says I don’t wish to make you tragic. Halime says then quit being adamant, take your drug and tune in, so I can ensure you. Presently rest for a bit. Ahmet says to Iskender: You got through these entryways ordinarily, you were dependably with me, you were the nearest, and I discover you were attempting to flee with your mom, Safiye sultan. Is it safe to say that you would get on her side and revolt? Iskender says no, Humashah demands seeing Ahmet and Ahmet acknowledges. She says I have done awesome wrong – I committed an error concealing it from you, yet please comprehend me – he is my sibling.

I was anxious, I was apprehensive for his life. Ahmet says I have incredible regard and love for you, I generally gave you worth and esteem, how pitiful, I receive this consequently. You have gotten things done in the face of my good faith – you got together with your mom and needed to burrow a gap for me. Humashah says no, I swear, Zulfikar pasha is my witness, my lone expectation was for my sibling to live..I did not know my identity for a considerable length of time, I have recently discovered like you.

Ahmet says and when you did you attempted to flee. Iskender says it is valid, however my aim was not to deceive you. I didn’t realize what to think or what to do, I basically needed to leave, to go away.,She leaves, Pinhan then says your mom can’t ensure you any longer, Osman will enlighten Ahmet concerning you, we should flee at the soonest opportunity,Meanwhile Kosem runs over Humashah. Kosem says don’t trouble, whatever you do is pointless. Humashah says our Hunkar will hear me out. Kosem says after so long of concealing reality from him do you think he will hear you out? Humashah says Iskender would clear out. We would send him.

Everybody would be upbeat. Kosem says we should not trick ourselves, there is no world where everybody can be glad and at peace.Iskender says to Zulfi, so you knew as well, yet you told Kosem rather than me. You put my life in risk. Zulfi says I just needed to play it safe against Safiye – she made an attempt to kill I. Also, Kosem needed to spare you as well. Iskender says how peculiar, I spared Kosem’s life such a variety of times however she supposes me being alive is a danger. Mehmet Giray asks what is going on, what Iskender has done.

Zulfi says he will remain here for some time. Mehmet is upbeat, saying extraordinary he can be a companion, I have been so exhausted here.Kosem remarks to Ahmet that Safiye will hold up until he sees her. Ahmet says let her hold up. At that point Kosem gets some information about Iskender saying would you say you will pardon him? Ahmet says Iskender just barely discovered also, he looks blameless, and I have never observed a misstep from him till now. He has additionally spared your life. He is great, reliable, faithful.

Kosem says this is before he knew he was a ruler, I am not certain on the off chance that he can be believed any more. He was getting away with Safiye sultan. Ahmet says he never had anybody of his family slaughtered so far and does not have any desire to do it now either. Kosem says that Iskender can convey the blood of the family, yet he can’t be one of the family,Bulbul tells Safiye that Ahmet won’t come she ought to return and not hold up in this cool. He is overcome with feeling and says they have tied my hands, I can’t help you, please come back to your palace.Zulfikar discovers Humashah resting and inquires as to whether she is somewhat better.

She says how might I be alright, my sibling is in the middle of icy dividers, sitting tight for death and my mom is outside the castle entryways. I gave you my mystery. I believed you, what did you do? You went and told Kosem. How might I believe you starting now and into the foreseeable future? He says you had once let me know your most prominent shortcoming is your mom. There is nothing left that has not come upon you on account of her. Furthermore, she is the purpose for this! Perhaps positive attitude leave this – I have full confidence in our Hunkar’s feeling of justice.She says my Hunkar Grandson – he says I am listening to you for the last time.

There will be no other shot. Safiye says I realize that you bear in mind the past and for my concealing Iskender, your outrage is extraordinary – however I couldn’t send my child to death intentionally, correct? Ahmet, I am engaging your still, small voice Ahmet, Iskender is pure, he has done nothing incorrectly, in the event that I am what makes you stressed, on the off chance that you think I have harmed his psyche, kindly don’t take this out on my child. It would be ideal if you pardon him. On the off chance that you will take a head, take mine.

Iskender is sustaining pigeons and Mehmet Giray approaches and says the watchmen say you are a shehzade, is that valid? Iskender says I don’t know my identity any longer. Mehmet says in the event that we have each other’s backs, we can be free, I have men all things considered. They can help us. Iskender says and after? Mehmet says then the individuals who bolster you, particularly the Janissaries – you grew up among them. At that point I will assemble my support. We will blaze the flames of revolt together. You will take the Ottoman position of royalty,

I will take the Crimean royal position that is my due.doctor tells Ahmet that he has told Kosem that there is prescription and she trusts it will cure him. Ahmet says great, I require her grin. The specialist hands the medicine says it won’t cure you, yet it will facilitate your torment and keep you on your head. Ahmet says you have treated such a large number of individuals and this is whatever you can give me. The specialist says I wish I could do something…Ahmet instructs him to go he needs to be distant from everyone else. He reviews Kosem saying I will be with you each inhale you take, each progression you take, I will be with you generally, nearest to you as you turn into a significantly more noteworthy ruler. Such a brilliant future anticipates us, as you vanquish the world I will bring up our kids.

He says God is my witness.Dilruba’s wedding is being reported and that the general population are welcomed for devouring and festivity. Ahmet and Zulfi make the rounds in the market. They sit down and Zulfi says winter is coming and that they say it will be icy, and why not do this wedding in the spring. Ahmet says there is no other spring for me, it won’t occur. Zulfi says no you will see many springs God willing.Ahmet has informed Zulfi regarding his ailment. Zulfi says how? However, this disease where has it originated from? What do the specialists say, is there no trust by any means? Ahmet says we generally keep trust in our Lord, yet we should think about all conceivable outcomes and act while remembering those. I have nobody I can believe, you are the just a single left.

Kosem and my youngsters are endowed to you. Try not to walk out on them, don’t give hostility a chance to interfere with you. Zulfi says this ought not occur, you are excessively young.Dilruba and Davut are as one and he says at last we are as one. She says we have marry twice, do no ever overlook that. You guaranteed me twice. He says if this is a fantasy, I appeal to God to never wake me.Ahmet says I am speculation since I discovered. I have at last settled on a choice. I have accepted and acknowledged that you have no blame in this matter. I have saved your life. Iskender kisses his robes and says you have presented this on me with your huge heart. Ahmet says however it is outlandish for you to remain any more drawn out in the Capitol. It is my request – I have selected Iskender to the governorship of Mora. He will go without a moment’s delay and you