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Dil Sala Sanki Movie Trailer Review & Comments


Dil Sala Sanki Movie Trailer Review & Comments

DiL sala sanki is a savage child who satisfies his adolescence desire to join the pack of feared hinterland Mafioso, Bachcha Babu. Similarly as he joins his youth icon’s posse, enters the adoration for his life, Megha. Some eve prodding and a tune later, we’re not certain if Megha detests Badal, as she claims in the film, or whether she’s frantic at him, as she claims in the tunes. In any case, her dad, Sharmaji, is unquestionably miffed and approaches Bachcha Babu to keep the eve-prodding Badal far from her.

This is a terrible proceed onward Sharmaji’s part, as Bachcha Babu ends up being an obscure fallen angel to Badal’s known one, and has now has built up some genuine hots for Megha. Nothing will prevent him from wedding her; assent be cursed! He beats Badal silly, abandoning him to pass on the edges of the city and continues get ready for his wedding. Be that as it may, Badal isn’t anything but difficult to slaughter as he comes back from the dead.

He crashes the wedding gathering of Megha and Bachcha Babu, singing and moving, and saves the lady, civility a solitary trick bounce and a wheelie.Yogesh Kumar is promising as an arrogant goon in specific scenes in his Bollywood make a big appearance, yet the feeble story with significantly weaker discoursed, doesn’t permit the youthful on-screen character to do much. Comparative is the situation with Madalsa Sharma. Jimmy Sheirgill renovates his demonstration from Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster. It’s a delight to see Shakti Kapoor as a casualty, and not the oppressor for once, and he does a better than average job.What happens when your supervisor, who is the greatest criminal nearby, falls head over heels for the love of your life,you are sanki then watch this motion picture generally not. its so baffling to see gifted on-screen character like Jimmy shergill squandering this ability in such a pointless motion pictures.

CAST: Yogesh Kumar, Madalsa Sharma, Jimmy Sheirgill, Shakti Kapoor & Hrishitaa Bhatt
DIRECTION: Sushikailash
DURATION: 1 hour 51 minutes.