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Wahab Riaz and Yasir Shah Conflict During Training Match Brisbane


Wahab Riaz and Yasir Shah Conflict During Training Match Brisbane

As per a PCB official, the team got into a physical altercation taking after a contention while playing football on the eve of the opening Test against Australia beginning from Thursday,team administration may make a move against the two players subsequent to got notification from them.

In any case, after some time they discharge a video in which they said that folks there is nothing incorrectly, as is being told in the media. Me and Yasir are great companions and nothing happened between us. We are joined together and we will play together tomorrow and you need to appeal to God for us, says Wahab in the video.He is a pakpoonjabi madrassah graduate. these pakpoonjabis are so embarrassed about being pakistanis that they put on a show to be chrisitians on net, south asians or indians when display physically in the west in any case think they are Middle Easterners!!!

rich pakpoonjabis send their children to schools keeps running by chrisitans however they treat us like soil. As chief of CIA had said, pakpoonjabi will offer their moms for couple of dollars,. pakpoonjabis as of now wed their own particular phoopi’s or fatherly uncles daugthers, who might be considered sisters in any cultivated society.everyone is hoping to play for himself and make a name. There is no understanding of joint effort and coordination. I am not amazed if a similar mindset is reflected in the national team,tears separated its social texture and partitions individuals into potential warring gatherings, is remarkable to that nation, and has no place in the cutting edge world. This evil amusement has truly been played by the Brahmans as a team with the decision class to their common advantage. The issue expect more terrible measurements when the individuals who rehearse it among the Hindus demand that it is a supernaturally endorsed idea and can’t be repealed by people