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Kosem Sultan Episode 20 Full on Urdu1 25 november 2016 today


Kosem Sultan Episode 20 Full on Urdu1 25 november 2016 today

Kosem Sultan Episode 20 Full on Urdu1 25 november 2016 today

captor says whose pasha’s lady would she say she is? The man says whoever she is, you tend to your very own concerns. At that point he gives him a few coins and says I will give back, no alarming the lady, generally Nasuh Pasha will take your heads! The captor holds up till the man is gone, then tells his companion that when the errand is done and they get their cash, they will dispose of Nasuh and after that they will take the young lady and run since it appears she is significantly more important than they are making it seem.Humashah goes into Kosem’s room and remarks about the rulers and how miserable they lost their moms, and afterward arranges them conveyed to her own room.

Cennet says excuse me yet wouldn’t it better for them to remain here? Humashah says would you say you are conflicting with my requests? Cennet says no, however changing their environment…Humashah says you are head yet you act like Kosem’s own servantZulfikar says I called you to inquire as to whether you know anything that may help…Humashah says what does this mean? Zulfi says I realize that as of late both of you have not been on the best of terms…Humashah says I give you so much esteem and trust you and you question me? He says I have probably in regards to you, however I can’t say the same in regards to your mom, she even told our hunkar that she can discover her.

Humashah says I dont know who educated you what regarding me, however I on the off chance that you trust those thingsKosem advises her captor that there is an exit plan for him, she can pay him a hundred times whatever the individual who requested her catch is paying him and that he will be affluent. He says haha well off however a dead rich man, Sultan Ahmet will take my head in a minute! Kosem says I will secure you! The man says eat your sustenance! Furthermore, leaves and addresses his companion saying it was clear the lady was profitable, however not this important – we have seized a Sultana! Kosem Sultan! At that point they discuss how theyve been deceived into doing this, and that they would lose their lives over various things they ought not have trusted Nasuh. The captor says I don’t believe anybody, we might keep running from here in the morning and hand over the Sultana to the pioneers of the Celali.humashah says how could you enter without authorization. Halime says sorry, yet I didnt comprehend what to do when I discovered he was sick. Murmur says I sent the specialists, don’t stress, he is being dealt with.

Halime says I can’t – let me…Hum says it is not allowed for you to go see, when the specialists have completed their work, somebody will come and educate you about him, now come back to your room.Halime asks specialists what isn’t right – the specialist says he has fallen frail. The young lady who is in charge of taking care of him says he doesn’t eat and Halime sends them full scale in outrage. She says mustafa, I have come, would you say you are not cheerful? at that point she says look what I brought you. He sees the outfit and after that he grins and says mom? I sat tight for you however you didn’t come…She says would I not come? Look I am here now.Humashah sees her better half Hasan Pasha, holding up in the corridor and asks him what he is doing here.

He inquires as to whether this is the way she welcomes her significant other. She says she wasn’t expecting him and he reacts that he missed her so he set out not long after she cleared out. She says gracious so you didn’t get our Hunkar’s request yet? He ponders what that is and she says separate orderHumashah advises her significant other she heads the collection of mistresses and this was vital and that nobody can scrutinize Ahmet’s request. Her better half says you can’t free of me this simple, I don’t acknowledge this separation you will come back with me. She says I just need say separate 3 times…he says you will accompany me or I will uncover all your filthy doings in Cairo – I will educate our Hunkar regarding every something you have done. She says he has no confirmation – he reacts that everything is there in a book he has recorded every thing one by one, now go and pack your thingsKosem that Safiye discovered her and that without a doubt Humashah is behind this alongside her mom.

Kosem comments that Humashah has straightforwardly demonstrated animosity to her and Halime says she has done likewise to me and afterward advises her how she couldn’t visit Mustafa and afterward tells Kosem how frail he had ended up. She says I have to see him in any event until he can recoup. Kosem says she will do whatever she can, yet while Humashah is here it looks incomprehensible. Halime says her better half has come and he has said he won’t leave until he takes her along.Humashah has gone to see her sibling and asks the specialist how he is, who says he has lost a considerable measure of blood yet the injury is not terrible and he will recuperate. Humashah whispers my sibling, with God’s consent you will recuperate, I am with you don’t stress. Zulfikar has come to visit Alex and discovers her there and she says I thought about how you were yet Alex was here.

Zulfikar says don’t stress I am fine.Bulbul visits Alex and lets him know that Humashah has come to see him and she enters and communicates her satisfaction that he is recovered and afterward she says you attempted to spare Kosem sultan in solitude? He says I did my obligation that is all – I would give up my existence without deduction for our Hunkar and Kosem sultan. Humashah says obviously, however it is difficult to raise faithful men like you so you should secure yourselfKosem tells Alex he ought to have rested a while longer. He says no I am fine. She expresses gratitude toward him and says you were there for me at the end of the day. Alex says while you were in risk, I couldn’t find a sense of contentment. At that point he includes, you have an uncommon place for me. She says Iskender, I can always remember the things you have accomplished for me.

I am obliged to you. In any case, you should alter your conduct and demeanor, or you will see a side of me you have not met yet and won’t have any desire to meet.Hasan touches base to see Ahmet and he says it must be something vital seeing as you came without asking consent. Ahmet says if the matter is in regards to the request of separation, that matter has been shut. Hasan says excuse me, however humashah sultan adores and regards me, everybody discusses our bliss – she should not have any desire to separation me. Ahmet says on the off chance that I hear that from her than how niceHalime sees Hasan pasha says it has been quite a while, in truth, I have been disheartened by the news of your separation. Hasan says there will be no separation, we are both two parts of a similar apple, her place is with me.

Halime says however she is extremely stubborn, if you will probably bring her with you, your errand will be exceptionally trouble. Hasan remarks that it isn’t on the grounds that humashah ought to know her of the chainsNasuh says yes one time I used to serve Safiye however for quite a while now our ways isolated, there is nothing to prove…Kosem hinders and says all it will take is for single word from me – let us perceive how you will spare yourself! Nasuh says no need, I don’t think there is a matter we can’t arrange – we can go to an assention. Kosem says just in the event that you partner with me – and not just with words, you might demonstrate your faithfulness.

Kosem says you will give the names of every one of the individuals who do Safiye’s filthy work and where she has a greater amount of her riches – you will give the wellspring of all her powerKosem goes to see Murat pasha who wishes her well and says you ought to rest. She says no opportunity to rest, the snake received in return confine once more, we should cut its head on the double. At that point she demonstrates the record and says these are every one of the names they were searching for – the steadfast pashas, beys, agents, judges, dealers, prostitutes…everyone, and she has another treasury! Murat pasha asks how she discovered this and where is Nasuh’s name.

Kosem says not any longer, for whatever length of time that he doesn’t conflict with us. Murat pasha says you have won an extraordinary triumph, yet be watchful while battling your foe not to end up like them.Alex advises Ahmet he’d jump at the chance to go with Murat pasha when he sets out against the Celalis. Ahmet lets him know that he needs him to remain here, close by. Alex says to be close by is obviously the best of all distinctions. Zulfikar enters and tells Ahmet that Murat pasha has arrived. Murat pasha enters and tells Ahmet that he has brought some names.Bulbul says yes we are certain. Our shehzade didn’t bite the dust. Safiye says gracious my child, my ruler, where is he? Who? Humashah says was never far, my sibling was here, close you! Safiye asks who???? Murmur answers, Iskender! Bulbul says Iskender the person who was your monitor.

Bulbul says while we thought he was dead he was definitely not! He went to the legislative hall as an Acemi of the JanissariesHumshah gets ready to go see her significant other. Bulbul ponders where she is going and she says I am going to him he has composed everything in a book and on the off chance that I know him, he has the book with him. Bulbul says you will go get it? she says I must choose between limited options! It is possible that I need to backpedal with him, or be freed of him. Bulbul says he is a fractious man, he can lose his temper, let me accompany you. Humashah says in the event that you comeHasan sits tight for Humashah who arrives and she says she has not come to battle.

He tries touching her and she pushes him away and calls the aghas and says take the pasha out to get some air! After he’s gone she starts rifling through everything to attempt and discover the book saying to herself, where is it, where is it! Hasan pasha enters and says my sultana, would you say you are searching for something? She says it is ideal on the off chance that I clear out. He says you are not going anyplace, you are not going to be freed of me so effortlessly. She says you heard our Hunkar’s requests, it is unthinkable for us to stay wedded! Be that as it may, I can secure you, I will give my whole riches as well, obviously on the off chance that you give me the book.

He says I can’t offer it to you since it is not with me.Kosem watches the young ladies appreciating the little sovereigns. Halime arrives and says , there is no safiye, or Handan or Humasha, and you are the main most loved of our Hunkar, so it is just for you now. I trust you won’t overlook good lord to you. Kosem says I keep in mind, the great or the awful done to me. I will ensure you can see Mustafa. Kosem clears out.  Menekshe says would you say you are certain you can believe her? Halime says I believe nobody, I am just attempting to live – when the time comes the main thing I have to get my child on the honored position, iwatch and download Kosem Sultan Episode 20,written Kosem Sultan 25 november 2016,kosem sultan epi 20.

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