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Kosem Sultan Episode 19 Full Urdu1 Tv latest today


Kosem Sultan Episode 19 Full Urdu1 Tv latest today

Kosem Sultan Episode 19 Full Urdu1 Tv latest today

Halime insults Handan advises her it must hurt since she fundamentally sent him to his passing by her own hands and after that adds that as per what she has listened, Dervish wasn’t choked by killers, however kicked the bucket a brisk demise by Ahmet’s own sword.

Handan advises her enough.Hum says nobody is in the group of concubines that is commendable – another young lady must be presented to, one that is savvy, and excellent like Kosem. Saf tells Humashah she should discover the young lady, however to get her out of this jail first. Time is up Hum must leave, she tells Saf, I will do what I can to get you out, however it will require some serious energy.

Saf says do whatever, sneak me out of here! Murmur says that is incomprehensible, and Ahmet would discover her and she’d be killed.Kosem compliments Murat pasha and he says now you can find a sense of contentment and take care of your children and Ahmet, she says no, I’d get a kick out of the chance to at present be educated and included in state matters.Bulbul tells Humashah that one of the caskets had another tyke in it, not the little shehzade (her sibling Alex) and that the youngster was sick and had nobody and would bite the dust, so they just murdered him and utilized him. What’s more, Bulbul snuck in and took him to Safiye, who wore the little shirt witht he engravings for assurance and for a memento on him, embraced him for the last time and passed him to me, I got him out of the royal residence, close to the Austrian outskirt I offered him to trusted family – they didn’t know he was a ruler, consistently we sent gold, yet years after the fact, they let us know he was sick and kicked the bucket.

Humashah says didnt you ask, he says we did, however without any result, we at long last acknowledged it as fate…but now…a supernatural occurrence from God – he has not kicked the bucket, it is Iskender! He says it is him, he has the skin coloration and the shirt.Zulfikar expresses gratitude toward Humashah saying you spared my life, she says it was an occurrence I was here, had I been late it would not have worked. She remarks on the off chance that he had been hitched, his better half would have cared for him. He says I never thought in regards to that – you know I was a janissary for a considerable length of time – janissaries can’t marry. She says now you are not a Janissary any more extended – so there ought to be no avoidance. Rest, furthermore, the janissary who monitors the tower, Alex, I was simply thinking about whether he is to be believed, he answers yes obviously, I have educated himkosem says I don’t know who let you know, however these filthy gossipy tidbits went to my ears as well, yet I have probably about our Valide, it was just him.

He says you just battled with her a few days ago, she hit you, now you let me know you believe she’s honest? She answers, would the option even be conceivable? She is our Valide Sultana! Ahmet says I thought in regards to why Dervish slaughtered my dad, and why my mom ensured him and remained calm – I thought about each plausibility. Yet, this never entered my thoughts. Kosem says she could never accomplish something to disgrace you or break your heart.Ahmet discovers Haci attempting to break the entryway yet its bolted, separates.

Humashah discovers from the young ladies that Handan has bolted her entryway. Ahmet enters and gets his mother, calls for specialists, asks her what she did, implores her not to bite the dust, Kosem arrives. Ahmet’s mom says pardon me, then she bites the dust. He beseeches her to open her eyes. He asks Humashah to spare her simply like she spared Zulfikar. She sees Handan has passed on and says sympathies. He is distressed and leaves.Murat says to Safiye I thought you’d salute me.

She says you or Kosem, she whispered your name to the Sultan? He says in the event that I was in support of Sultana’s I would have gotten this position years prior under your beauty. She says Kosem will bring your end, at last I raised her. Vexed her and she will end you.She says God does not trouble us with that which we can’t endure, simply be patient and trust him. He says no obviously, he never gripes against God, he is content with all that happens, however the weight is still overwhelming.

He says he has a bad dream  it resembles blood dropping on him, on his bed, all over the place and I see my mom’s face. She comforts him and instructs him to make tracks in an opposite direction from the castle for some time, go to Edirne, chase, do different things to occupied himself. He says he was considering it. She says she will remain in the group of concubines. He says he wishes she was constantly here, she says I wish it was possible…I have obligations in my marriage…my spouse sits tight for me.

Kosem enters and discovers Halime there. Humashah reports that she is the Valide Sultana now, she clarifies (when they ask) that Ahmet has requested it himself and implored her, to reestablish arrange in the collection of mistresses, particularly while he is away in Edirne. also, Hal asks how you are hitched, that is not allowed, Humashah says Ahmet has sent my separation request to my husband.Murat illuminates Ahmet that ten thousand Janissaries and twenty thousand cavalrymen are headed to come back to the Capitol and Ahmet says without losing time walk on the Celalis in Anatolia. Murat says please make certain I won’t baffle,watch and download Kosem Sultan Episode 19,written Kosem Sultan Episode 19 promo,kosem sultan epi 19.

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