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Kosem Sultan Episode 17 Full by Urdu1 Tv today


Kosem Sultan Episode 17 Full by Urdu1 Tv today

Kosem Sultan Episode 17 Full by Urdu1 Tv today

Safiye realizes that gurbuz agha was the one in the old royal residence deceiving her and he advises her that the letter has been sent to Humashah , Safiye wishes her little girl would rush and come already.Kosem has advised Ahmet and Dervish what happened to her and they presume Safiye. Zulfy and Alex welcome each other. Zulfy offers sympathies to Kosem and the young lady Meleki.Kosem has informed Cennet regarding Mehmet Giray advising her (closure of scene 16) about Dervish being Ahmet’s dad’s killer. Cennet advises her to not get required in this. Kosem doesnt tune in. In the interim.

Kosem asks Bulbul who is helping Safiye and tries to persuade him by saying that Safiye is remorseless, looking after power. Bulbul advises her that everybody.

Handan chastens Kosem for leaving the royal residence. At that point she goes up against Kosem saying you don’t regard me or anybody or bow to them. Cennet finds a young lady dead in the shower. Handan says I know you have set a trap for Dervish and myself, you need to dispose of us both along these lines. Kosem says why might I need to do that ? Handan advises her I caution you for the last time don’t test my understanding. Kosem says she doesn’t comprehend what she is discussing and what have I done let me know. Haci enters and informs them concerning Kosem’s hireling having slaughtered a young lady in the hamam. Kosem arrives and Eycan  tells her I am guiltless that the other young lady assaulted her and to please offer assistance. Handan is covertly glad and says to Haci this is better Eycan will be executed for this and nobody can presume us. Kosem arrives and says is this how you debilitate me? At that point she says the young lady attempted to slaughter Eycan, she just attempted to secure herself, somebody had sent her to murder Eycan.

Kosem must not affront you, but rather you should likewise regard her, she is valuable to me. Handan says gracious so I should live to hear this…she is more valuable than me ? Ahmet says I don’t contrast you and anyone…the same as I don’t contrast her and anybody.

Dervish in the interim is stating he dislike other great viziers, he won’t manage oversights or wrongdoings like gift daintily. Reyhan informs Kosem concerning the time when Dervish worked with him and Shahin – Shahin needed to take the position of royalty and reyhan and Dervish would turn into his viziers thus they harmed Ahmet’s dad gradually. In any case, subsequently Ahmet got on the position of authority and Dervish climbed the positions and betrayed us and attempted to free of us. Kosem inquires as to whether he can relate this to Ahmet.

Reyhan says first I require you to get a guarantee that my life will be saved and I will motivate cash to live off of.Dervish is told by a flunky of his that they have discovered Reyhan and that Kosem was likewise with Mehmet Giray to see Reyhan. Kosem meanwhille goes to see Zulfy and says I have to address you about Dervish.Reyhan is taken and in the interim Kosem is consoling Meleki when Cennet enters and says she feels terrible for giving false witness, a major sin, and Kosem says you did to spare a guiltless life, and don’t stress, appeal to God, help the poor  and give some philanthropy to make up for it.

Dervish later asks Kosem that she meets Zulfikar a great deal nowadays and she says yes nowadays we are searching for double crossers nowadays. Dervish says let me know so I can manage it. She says I was depended to you for securing by our Hunkar yet simply the previous evening my nearest worker was assaulted. Dervish says that is a collection of mistresses matter our Valide Sultan will manage it the most ideal way I am certain. She says in what capacity will she ensure me while she is undermining me I ponder? Is it true that you are two getting together against me? Dervish says on the off chance that you see everybody as an adversary you will one day see the entire world against youBulbul discovers Humasha’s ship has docked. Kosem asks Cennet who this Humasha is that everybody is so stressed. Cennet portrays her platitude she is Safiye’s eldest girl, extremely wonderful, exceptionally insightful, wedded to the Beylerbey of Egypt. She can talk numerous languagesHalime says it is not Kosem’s blame.

Handan says Haci has examined the aghas, Kosem was the person who arranged it all! Haci goes to call Kosem to see Handan. At the point when Kosem goes to see her, Handan asks her in what manner will you account for yourself to Ahmet? Kosem says I simply needed to facilitate the agony of a youngster missing his mom. Handan says what did you receive consequently, you have both united against me? Kosem says you question everything. Handan says Ahmet will manage you, then she adds to Halime that Ahmet will most likely send her to the old palaceHum is telling Ahmet that she was appalled when she discovered what happened with her mom and that she wants to be here so she could have forestalled. Ahmet says I will never excuse her she cut me ordinarily in my back. She says dont stress I didn’t come here for that, she merits it, however she has carried on with a hard life. Ahmet says we as a whole have experienced the pastHumashah tells Safiye that her hunger for power has done this to her.

She says I was constantly similar to this never showed signs of change! Murmur says you ought to have changed, in light of the fact that it was not your child on the royal position now, your grandson, you are not a Valide sultan any longer, You can’t debilitate the ruler and hope to share his energy. Safiye says it was not generally along these lines, Kosem and Handan came in the middle. Murmur says you have skilled Kosem at this youthful age with such power! Safiye says the higher she goes, the harder she’ll fall. Humasha says, similar to you. Safiye says what number of seasons passed I don’t have the foggiest idea, however I called you ordinarily, kept in touch with you, you never reacted.

Not notwithstanding when I was sick. Why have you come now? To see me like this? You despise me like every other person. Humashah at last says it is genuine I am irate about a great deal of things, at the same time, I never abhorred you, never will. When you are getting out or how, be rest guaranteed, I am Safiye Sultan’s daughter,Haci has gone to Handan and says I overhead Cennet and Eycan discussing a letter from Dervish to Shahin before. I went and discovered it in Cennet’s room, however what is composed in the letter is alarming he has actually confessed to killing our Padishah! He hands the letter over to Handan and she tosses it out without understanding it. She says nobody will know this Haci, it will go to our graves. Haci says you knew? Handan says yes, nothing is as it appears. Dervish is a killer,,download Kosem Sultan Episode 17,written Kosem Sultan Episode 17 promo,kosem sultan epi 17.

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