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Kosem Sultan Episode 16 Full Online Urdu1 Tv today


Kosem Sultan Episode 16 Full Online Urdu1 Tv today

Kosem Sultan Episode 16 Full Online Urdu1 Tv today

In the interim Bulbul is at Halime’s entryway saying open the entryway, it is us. Menekshe by Halime’s authorization, and when they will take Mustafa, Halime says I should go with him. Bulbul reacts, you are remaining my Sultana, we will take him. Halime says this is not our concurrence with Safiye. Bulbul says the arrangement is over. Halime lets them know not to set out take him, but rather they do, and they likewise wound Halime abandoning her hireling and her little girl with her,Ahmet is told by the specialists that they did whatever they could for Dervish,  all that should be possible now is to hold up. Ahmet lets him know do whatever all of you should, yet spare himMustafa is taken crying to his grandma, who lets him know not to be panicked.

He says he needs his mom, she says your mom is no more, we are here at this point. At the point when the sun rises you might rise the position of royalty and we will be by your side,Mustafa advises Safiye to release him, he needs his mom. Safiye lets him know his adolescence is over, as is his princehood! You will be a Padishah, do you comprehend me?! At that point he arranges Bulbul to take him to rest, and be under close monitor furthermore to give him some medication to quiet him.

Zulfy asks what is going on and the reason for the assault. Handan says she doesn’t have even an inkling, that she knows as much as them. Kosem says they can’t hold up here longer, they should go. Handan tells Zulfikar that they should likewise get Osman. Kosem says obviously we won’t leave Osman,Some men go into Rasha’s room and one says they have captured ruler Mustafa, go hunt down him and they do yet the child cries and one of the men discovers Rasha in the storage room. She begs the man saying I have gold and gems, quite recently then Cennet arrives and hits the man over the head.

Ahmet asks Dervish how often will you spare my life? Dervish says maybe this is the last…may my life be yielded for you! Ahmet solaces him while his injury is seared by the specialist – you are my sidekick, old buddy, don’t kick the bucket! The specialist says don’t stress he will recover,Ahmet is told by the swindler Nasuh, that the professional killer has been found however is dead. Murat says he is not amazed, then he tells Ahmet we are leaving the ship is prepared. Nasuh thinks about how they will return by ship (in shock obviously).

Ahmet says they are going and Nasuh will remain to head the army,The aghas are the entryway and request a reply from the men who have assumed control and ask by what means will they reply to Ahmet? One of the men says did you not listen, Ahmet has kicked the bucket on the crusade and that Mustafa will get on the position of royalty. The Janissary agha says if this is valid, then it is a child of Ahmet’s who will climb as per the tenets, not his brother,Kosem says something must be done before Mustafa sits on the position of authority – on the off chance that he sits on that royal position, their destinies will be fixed. Cennet ponders what should be possible.

Kosem says we can get Mustafa from them, them and that way they won’t have the capacity to put him on the honored position! Zulfikar says we should get him and conceal him until the Sultan’s arrival. Kosem will join Zulfikar however he says it is his occupation, she needs to remain with the sovereigns so he is certain of their security, and he advises her on the off chance that he doesn’t return by sunrise.

Handan mourns that Osman is presently left motherless. Cennet ponders what they are sitting tight for as they ought to escape as of now. Kosem reacts that there is no leaving until they have Mustafa and Zulfikar returns. Cennet says something likely transpired! Will we hold up until morning!? Handan reminds Cennet that in the event that they put Mustafa on the throneZulfikar advises her that Ahmet will get some answers concerning this double-crossing at some point or another and that on that day records will be settled. Safiye says in the event that he could return, however he has kicked the bucket, or would we ever set out.

Zulfikar does not trust it. Safiye says it is reality, and comprehend from it that Kosem has no manage now, Mustafa will get on the position of royalty from the room where he is at present staying, the supplication room. Zulfikar educates her of the standards – that Sh. Mustafa is not the beneficiary clear, but rather Osman is so the privilege to govern would be his. Safiye says when the time happens to course, however Kosem captured him from us.Safiye remains on what she supposes is her patio and after that sits down and says to Bulbul the amount she wishes the night would be over as of now and things work out for them.

Bulbul says don’t stress it will and you will be ace of your old power at the end of the day. Safiye asks him for what good reason he is grinning. He says that in the event that it were feasible for her to get on the position of royalty like Queen Elizabeth. She grins at this. At that point word is educated that Zulfikar and Kosem have taken Mustafa and fled. Zulfikar bails the ladies out of the royal residence and Handan expresses gratitude toward him. Zulfikar tells Kosem that Safiye has said Ahmet has passed on. Kosem says Safiye has lied.

Zulfikar says God Willing. While we hold up to get word from the Sultan, we should stow away. Zulfikar hears men searching.Mustafa says he wishes to remain with Kosem and she discovers him yet senseless Dilruba hollers that Kosem has hijacked Mustafa and is a swindler.

The warriors tell Kosem that Ahmet has passed on and she reacts that it is a lie and to not trust it. Dilruba grumbles saying she has abducted every one of the rulers and she even knows where they are covered up! Kosem tries to get Dilruba to quiets down, yet she doesn’t furthermore brings up the home where they are remaining. The gatekeepers enter the home and get some information about the sovereigns. The young lady Meleki says  there are no sovereigns here! Dulruba says she is lying . (Ugh, Dilruba leave!) She arranges the men to hunt down the princes.

It is a said a solitary whisper of hers was sufficient to hush every one of the ladies! After her, this ring got to be Nurbanu’s. She was an effective lady as well. We had not seen a wonder, for example, her amid her life! Nor the like in savagery. At the point when her child Murat got the position of royalty, I was thes head Haseki, she did everything to me ( to make life hopeless for me, plot against me and so forth.) Then the ring go to me. The periods changed, and my child Mehmet got on the honored position.

A stone has supplanted your heart! Safiye says yes, a stone is in the place of my heart – a jewel actually…sharp, splendid and cool. I dislike you! I buckled down for a long time for what I am today, yet you don’t did anything and wore a crown before your time, you neither battled for affection nor power, and you conflicted with me, so obviously there is a cost for this. You will kick the bucket! Kosem says I have a suggestion for you. Safiye says, on the off chance that you wish to ask to save your life, ask, maybe we should acknowledge. Kosem says on the off chance that you let me go now, and backtrack on this plot to put Mustafa on the position of royalty, I might save your life! Safiye says haha, you have gone frantic and know not of what you talk,download Kosem Sultan Episode 16,written Kosem Sultan Episode 16 promo,kosem sultan epi 16.

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