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Kasam Tere Pyar ki 16 November 2016 Full Episode on Colors tv 184 today


Kasam Tere Pyar ki 16 November 2016 Full Episode on Colors tv 184 today

Kasam Tere Pyar ki 16 November 2016 Full Episode on Colors tv 184 today

Malaika comes to hand Rishi the log sheets of their new lodging that they would talk about in the morning. Malaika descends the stairs joyfully, she tells Rano that she is certain she would get Rishi one day, he cleared up Tanuja they can never be one,In the room, Tanuja addresses the moon inquiring as to whether she is so awful. She didn’t wed out of some wrong goal, then wipes her tear.

Rishi requests that her keep the window open, however Tanuja says he doesn’t rest soundly something else. She says she takes after his guidelines, yet this doesn’t mean she hasn’t a privilege to speak.Tanuja advises Rishi she used to address moon a ton. She generally thought at whatever point she would meet her affection, the moon would advise her this is the right man; as they can both be seen by the moon. Rishi expels his hand off her shoulder, reviewing Tannu. He checks at the bat and yells again in dread. Both were stressed what to do, Tanuja guarantees him she is here. Rishi says even the bat is here.

Tanuja was moved by Rishi’s hands over her shoulders then recalls his guarantee about not touching her. Rishi contends that the bat doesn’t recognize what he guaranteed his mother, then says she and the bat more likely than not wanted to prod him.Tanuja inquires as to whether they would spend the night along these lines, under the cover. She thinks about what whether somebody comes in the room. Rishi says she is his better half, who cares; then acknowledges and clarifies they are mates. Rishi says nobody comes in his room.

Tanuja says the bat came in, and giggles calling him a defeatist. Malaika comes in their room, brief watching them chuckle under a solitary sheet and expel the cover, gazing towards Rishi. Rishi and Tanuja make tracks in an opposite direction from each other. Malaika questions what was going on here. Rishi clarifies there was a bat in the room, they stowed away under the cover; Tanuja feared him. Tanuja insults saying Rishi is truly overcome. Malaika holds Rishi’s hand saying she believes him, about his guarantee with Rano. Rishi clarifies Tanuja feared the bat, Tanuja yells the bat! Rishi covers up close to his feet.

Tanuja demonstrates Malaika who is frightful, then turns out on porch chuckling about Rishi’s adorableness and cowardness. She looks towards the moon once more, and says it’s all wrong, their wedding is fake and she has no directly over him. Be that as it may, she is powerless about affections for Rishi, she can’t stop herself. In the event that they remain together, her sentiments would develop more, she overlooks everything when Rishi is close to her. She considers how she ought to make her heart up to comprehend, that these sentiments aren’t right,see the latest episode of today drama serial kasm,watch Kasam tere pyar ki 16 November 2016,Kasam tere pyar ki episode 184,Kasam 16 november 2016 latest.

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