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Bigg Boss Season 10 10th november 2016 full-Episode 25 Colors-tv – today


Bigg Boss Season 10 10th november 2016 full-Episode 25 Colors-tv – today

Bigg Boss Season 10 10th november 2016 full-Episode 24 Colors-tv - today


Bigg Boss Season 10 10th November 2016,latest episode Bigg Boss Season 10 10th November 2016 today.

written episode Bigg Boss Season 10 10th November 2016,download Bigg Boss Season season 10 10th November 2016 colors tv.

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Bigg manager requests that prisoners come in garden region. All prisoners come in garden range. Manu requests that proprietors and hirelings remain one next to the other. Bigg supervisor says when you came in house, some were outstanding and called as celebs and a few appearances were obscure who called themselves as indians so in three weeks, individuals watched you and became more acquainted with you, you have all gotten to be VIPs so when the distinction is gone, nobody will be called as celeb or ordinary person, nobody is proprietor or slave, there is no group to battle against other group, all will separately play,Niti says to Bani that i am happy to the point that i dont need to manage my group, Bani says amusement will transform, you wont get bolster from your group, diversion will be on various level, Niti says your group was agreeable so it was pleasant for you yet i needed to smother my voice and needed to give up a great deal.

Manu says to Manveer that big name Manver lets move, they move. niti says there wont much difference,Manveer says to Mona that Niti was not our own furthermore Lokesh, Mona says they were mentally programmed, Manveer says they were never companions to start with, they will be separated from everyone else now like Swami, Mona says they hope to end up companion and converse with them yet they dont tried endeavors themselves, Manveer says Swami was distant from everyone else in house, Lokesh will be same, she is attempting to get support of Bani, Lokesh is no place close Bani, they see Lokesh going from there.

Bigg manager says to Swami that how are you? he says i am fine, i need to demand to open Tv, i am seeing their traps, i have now comprehended their amusement, i will win now, i dont need cash, i will do philanthropy, Bigg supervisor says we wish you good fortune, Swami says i will win for beyond any doubt now. Bigg manager says you will backpedal in house again yet this will rely on upon prisoners choice, Swami says they will never give me access again, they are average folks while i am God’s adherent, they could never give me access.

Bigg supervisor says sit tight for their decision.She peruses that Bigg manager was going to give them 2200points yet because of prisoners breaking rules like Rahul and Bani not wearing mics. Niti and Bani talking in english, likes Gaurav and Bani putting mic off so now their focuses are deducted and they will get 1400points, they will get things on plasma Tv from which they will pick things and compose on board. Detainees see things on Tv, they see three hampers each for 700points. Swami is watching them, There is Swami Om in things rundown of extravagance spending plans, prisoners can get him for 1400points, Rahul says who needs him back? Manveer says get him, Rahul says wfor what you require him? Manveer says i am kidding, you truly think i need him back? Karan says we can purchase 2hampers for 1400points. Manu says we will state to expel him again after 12hours, Manveer says he is called “thing” on Tv, its privilege for him, Niti says in the event that we picked him then he will be sent back? Manu says yes, Naveen says on the off chance that i was ready, i would have compose his name to get him. Manu says we dont require him, there is no group so we dont require Swami Om, they all chose nourishment things and not Swami for extravagance budget.Mona says and what in regards to you remarking about me and Manu’s connection? does father say things like that? Swami says its dad’s obligation to bring up oversights of little girls, you will get hitched to somebody so this is bad what you do, these are against customs, Mona says why you are stating distinctive things? Swami says you are acting in this house yet you will get results, all things considered, Mona begins crying. Manveer says dont cry on the off chance that you dont concur with him, Naveen wipes her tears. Swami says i need to talk in regards to my other little girl Niti, i asked for individuals to spare Niti yet when i was expelled, she said that i was no Swami, i am pointless, you dont think about me so you dont need to remark about me, Niti says you let me know that you need to go out in light of the fact that you had some work, now i will disclose your mystery, Swami says its my errand to uncover mystery, Niti says i can counter contend, Lopa is giggling. Manveer says govern is stating is detainee is not glad about your words then they can deny it, and mind you, nobody is cheerful about your words, all giggle listening to it, Swami says give lead book to me, Lopa is snickering is seeing this. Niti says i let you know that i need to live in this house, please ask for me.

at that point i saw you conversing with camera that you need votes in favor of yourself, you will free that individual from prison and all, Bani listened all that, Swami says Bani will consent to you as she is your companion, Bani says i saw asking for individuals for voting, Niti says would you say you are finished? can i talk? i used to trust you however not any longer, proceed onward. Swami says i wanna talk in regards to Manu now, Manu says he is closest companion of Mona yet in the face of her good faith, he says he has one and only companion Piko, he fakes his romantic tale with Mona, fakes being Lokesh’s sibling, he could have spared Lokesh from Karan’s undertaking yet he let Lokesh stall out and she got selected, he could have spared her, Manu applauds and says proceed onward, you. Lokesh says dont converse with him like this. Swami says next is my yoga Guru Gaurav, in ruler errand he was my consultant however just to make his group win, he incited me against my group.

Gaurav expresses profound gratitude for complimenting me for doing assignment well, i couldnt say it before yet you were calling characterless to one young lady on Tv, Swami says i apologized as well, Gaurav says listen when i am talking, Gaurav says when Bani got hurt in light of Rohan moving blade in air, you acquired it amusement too saying that it was plan to slaughter you, you continued saying sick words to young ladies and i wont give this a chance to happen on Tv, i can yell excessively like you, Swami says i apologized, Gaurav says i will make you scalawag for this, Swami says i touched feet of everybody when i cameback in house since i needed to apologize, Swami says i have done undertaking. Niti says to Lokesh that you took them as your siblings, they cleared out you and its their misfortune.

Lokesh comes into restroom, she is vexed, Manveer says she is disturbed as a result of us, why you imagine that you got named as a result of us or we have issue with you conversing with Bani, you are giving us mentality since morning, Lokesh says in the event that you had issue then you could have conversed with me yet you have sense of self, i mistook, i am sad, Naveen tries to embrace her, Manu says you overlooked me, Lokesh says you let me know that you could never converse with me again, Manu says for purpose of connection, i say i wont converse with you since i dont need to battle with her, Lokesh says i didnt disregard you, Manveer says you have talked enough

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